Quadra Outdoors Club Visits the Children’s Forest

Sabina Leader Mense welcomed the Quadra Island Outdoor’s Club members to the Children’s Forest on a beautiful January the 23d!!! Club members rolled in on the first ferry to Whaletown Bay and had their walking poles out and on the trail in no time!!!
It is always exciting to welcome our neighbours from Quadra Island to Cortes Island and especially exciting to share with them the ongoing work of the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS) towards purchase of the Children’s Forest.

We spoke of our strong youth engagement and the youth excitement over the annual BioBlitz’s that FTCCIS sponsors. This year we hope to have even more participation by Quadra Islanders!

We marvelled continuously over the colour… green; so vibrant at this time of year!!! Most people fail to recognize that winter in coastal BC is the GREENEST time of the year!!!

Club members walked home at the end of a great day with a couple of copies of the youth’s fundraising book, Forest Alphabet: Artistic Visions of a Forest in Trust to the Children, where it is written…

G is for green… the colour of Gaia’s glorious garden!!!

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