Species Inventory


Cortes Island, lying at 50 degrees north latitude in the northern reaches of the Salish Sea, marks:

1. the dynamic transition between the coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) and coastal western hemlock (CWH) biogeoclimatic zones,

2. the rich marine convergence of tides flooding in from the Pacific Ocean around the northern and southern reaches of Vancouver Island and

3. the diverse cultural overlap of three coastal First Nations: Klahoose, Tla’amin and Homalco.

The wilds in the northern half of Cortes Island form a relatively unfragmented and undeveloped landscape boasting a tapestry of sensitive ecosystems with strong cross-island linkage.

The provincially designated sensitive ecosystems present include: herbaceous, woodland, old forest, riparian and wetland. These sensitive ecosystems provide oases for provincially listed species and ecological communities at risk.

Mature forest, provincially designated as, an other important ecosystem, buffers the sensitive ecosystems and provides for landscape level connectivity; gene flow and wildlife travel corridors.

Significantly, in the islands of the Salish Sea, Cortes Island continues to support healthy, large predator-prey relationships between grey wolf, cougar and Columbia black-tailed deer.

The ~600 acres (~243 hectares) of forest lands identified for purchase by the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS) and affectionately known as the Children’s Forest by Cortes Island youth, lie within the northern wilds of Cortes Island and as such, represent ecologically significant and biologically diverse lands.

These lands are identified within the Sayward Land District, Cortes Island as:

NW ¼ S38, NE ¼ S38, NW ¼ S39, NE ¼ S39 and the NE ¼ of SW ¼ S39.

The FTCCIS has initiated research to document the biological diversity of these lands, in support of the FTCCIS conservation mandate.

The FTCCIS Children’s Forest Species Inventory 2020, attached here, is a working list consolidating data collected in the Children’s Forest during four BioBlitz events (April 16/17, 2016 & April 29/30, 2017 & May 5/6, 2018 & May 4/5, 2019), monthly Nature Study Days (2014 – 2020) and inventories prepared by local and visiting expertise (2010-2020).

FTCCIS is fortunate and grateful to have had the expertise of these professional researchers and naturalists in the identification of species:

AVIS, Libby & Rick                            Citizen Scientists/ Moths of BC

BARON-PRESTON, Liam                  Naturalist/ Ecology

BENNETT, Rob                                   Arachnologist/ Associate RBCM

BJORK, Curtis                        Botanist/ Beaty Biodiversity Center

BOAS, Frank                                      Bryologist/ retired UBC Botany

BOHART, Laurel                                Taxidermist/ CIMAS

COPLEY, Claudia                               Entomology Collections Manager/ RBCM

COPLEY, Darren                                Mammals & Bird Preparator/ RBCM

DOMBROWSKI, Connie                    Naturalist/ Mycology

ELLIOT, Peter                         Zoologist/ retired UBC Okanogan

EWERT, Dave                         Fisheries Biologist/ retired DFO

GOVINDARAJULU, Purnima            Small Mammals & Herpetofauna Specialist/ BC MOE

GOWARD, Trevor                              Lichenologist/ UBC Botany

GRONAU, Christian              Naturalist/ Zoology

HARVEY, Tosh                                   Naturalist/ Botany

JUMEAN, Zaid                                   Entomologist/ BC MOE

KELLHAMMER, Oliver                       Naturalist/ Ecology

KENDALL, Nancy & Ray                   Naturalists/ Ornithology

LEADER MENSE, Sabina                   Naturalist/Ecology

MACKINNON, Andy             Forester & Mycologist/ retired BC MFLNRO

MILTON, Jill                                       Naturalist/ Mycology

NETTLE, Tamias & Dera                   Naturalists/ Botany & Entomology

NEWTON, Mike                                 Conservation Officer/ COS NVI

NURSALL, Ralph                               Zoologist/ retired UA Zoology

OCHSENBEIN, Anna             Naturalist/ Botany

RICHARDSON, Liz                             Naturalist/ Botany

SIRK, George                                     Naturalist/ Ornithology

STAMETS, Paul                                  Mycologist/ Fungi Imperfecti

TREMBLAY-LOISEAU, Luna  Naturalist/ Lepidopteran Entomology

WEYLER, Rex                          Naturalist/ Ecology

WOOD, Charlene                              Entomologist/ LGL

ZWICKEL, Fred                                   Ornithologist/ retired UA Zoology                        

Children’s Forest Species Inventory 2020 is arranged in files by kingdom; with kingdom, phyla, class and genera arranged alphabetically. Provincially designated species at risk (red, blue and yellow) are highlighted in their respective colours.

FTCCIS Children’s Forest Species Inventory 2020 was collated by Sabina Leader Mense with assistance from Cortes youth:

Liam Baron-Preston/Arthropoda, Laara Huuskonen/Plantae and Katie Wheeler/Aves.

This is a working list and will be updated annually.