Art Show: Imagine a Forest in Trust to the Children

By Krista Smith

The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS) installed an art exhibition at The Old Schoolhouse (TOSH) Gallery in July 2017 titled Imagine A Forest in Trust to the Children.   The exhibition featured art created by the Children’s Forest Youth and professional artists from Cortes Island and beyond.

The exhibition was dedicated as a prayer for the purchase of Island Timberland forest land holdings immediately adjacent to Carrington Bay Park on Cortes Island. These forest lands will be purchased and held in trust for all children in perpetuity. They will offer educational, recreational, cultural and spiritual value for all children.  These lands will provide the opportunity for our youth to embrace and practice stewardship of forests and watersheds.

Working with the Children’s Forest Youth has blown my heart wide open.  To see a forest I love so much through these amazing children’s eyes, and creating art with them that is inspired by this magical forest whose spirit has imprinted itself upon our souls has been a profound gift” says curator Krista Smith.

Upon seeing the artwork that the youth have presented, the public not only saw the beauty of the forest through the artists’ eyes, and their love of the plants and animals that fill this ancient land, but also an important message that persisted throughout the exhibition.  It is a statement that cannot be ignored, and their message was clear:

 “We love this Forest and we will never give up.”

All proceeds from sales of this exhibition went to support the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS) and The Old School House Gallery on Cortes Island, BC.

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