March Nature Study Day; a study in detritus!

On March 3, the Forest Tribe gathered for a walk into the springtime sounds of the Children’s Forest!! We were welcomed by golden-crowned kinglets calling from the high canopy and we mimicked the nasal calls of the red-breasted nuthatches by holding our noses and calling out… neep, neep, neep!!!!!!!!!!!

What fun to be a bird, in springtime, in the Children’s Forest!!!

We welcomed some of our newest tribe members to this walk; young Zorah, just 11 months old, peeked out of Mom’s backpack and later happily crawled across the forest floor at the base of the towering Sitka spruce in Grandmother’s Grove. Zorah was completely absorbed in the rich, brown, soft, humusy, crawling, decomposing world of the forest floor detritus!!! Those of us not living s close to the ground anymore, often overlook this critically important ecosystem!

Our Forest Tribe grows annually; our recruitment is awesome… so we are well on our way to securing the Children’s Forest in perpetuity for all Zorah’s to come!!!

Imagine… a forest in trust to the children!!!

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