Kids Nature Riddles & Haikus

The Children’s Forest Trust and the Cortes Family Support Network, through the Cortes Community Health Association, are concluding their nine weeks of spring activities which were initiated to encourage and celebrate  families in nature, and as a way for children to stay connected to other children through zoom chats. There were many fabulous discoveries and new friendships formed. The curiosity, observations and the engagement in the natural world that Cortes children have is jaw-dropping.

The monthly nature walks into the Children’s Forest have not yet resumed, but as soon as the provincial health officials announce a further lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, our scheduled walks for the first Sunday of each month will be posted. And until then, what better way to spend a family afternoon than a magical walk through the Children’s Forest, followed by a swim at Grandmother Grove in Carrington Lagoon.

We leave you with some haikus, chuckles and the answers to the children’s nature riddles.

I’m wet and I’m dry.
I change all the time.
I cover the world in bright green. 
What am I? 
- Rigel    

I am wild and pretty
I am green and prickly
I smell yummy
What am I?

I grow down low
I like the late sun
The south tip of the island is where I spread
I make a pretty fairy dress in pink and purple
My gift for next year is in a pod
What am I?
- Aiya

I slither
I slide
I go far and wide
Across warm rocks and shallow ponds
What am I? 
- Yamuna 

Ribbit, frog croaks
In a happy kind of voice
It’s going to rain 

Frog lives in the bog
He eats flies, big, small and large,
Then swims back home 

Tiny tadpoles swim
Eating algae in the spring
At home in their pond 

Little frog swimming
Tail shrinks, she grows bigger
Lays eggs and jumps out 

Frogs are cute and small
Sometimes they are hard to catch
I like to hold them