Spring 2020: Family Activities in a Pandemic

The spring of 2020 may have been a wakeup call for many, but this was an opportunity for the FTCCIS to continue “to nurture relationships between children and nature and to inspire advocacy for the natural world.” The pandemic called for creative thinking and community leadership to support nature activities for families. We hold true to our vision of connecting children and families to nature.

The FTCCIS collaborated with the Cortes Community Health Association and its Family Support Group in offering a series of 11 weekly activities & zoom chats for youth & families. The series extended from March 26 to June 5 with the following topics: Natural World is Calling, Spring Scavenger Hunt, Tree Friend, Earth Day/Earth Journal/Earth Riddles, Where Do You Live?, Spring Bird Count for Families, Frogs, Plant Families, Snakes & Lizards, Tidepool, and Kids Nature Riddles & Haikus.

Children were invited to dream up new activities for the following weeks, and our 12-year old ‘youth consultant’, Seren, inspired and co-planned activities. ‘Show & Tell’ was a highlight of each week with chicks, frogs & tadpoles, dogs and plants shared on the Zoom calls.  You may enjoy a chuckle or perhaps be stymied by the nature riddles & poems in the post, ‘Kids Nature Riddles & Haikus’.

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