Where is Your Tree Friend?

Cortes students in the early primary years can tell you all about their tree friends – the special little hidey holes for critters, the squirrel’s breakfast corner, the perfect limb to climb out on and take a nap, the delicate fairy nook. ‘Tree friends’ have been a long-standing nature programme for school children in forested areas adjacent to the Cortes and Linnaea School grounds. Well, how many children and families have discovered tree friends in their back yards or close to their homes!

The Children’s Forest and Cortes Family group (CCHA) are challenging you – families, children and adults, to go wandering in your immediate area, and yes!, listen to a tree calling to you.

Is there a tree that you intuitively feel drawn to? Children may immediately begin building shelters or fairy homes, but adults may enjoy creating a special ‘sit spot’ with their tree. This activity is open to all of you, not limited to families.

However you explore the idea of a tree friend, it is guaranteed to brighten your day.

tree friends

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