Quiet in the Forest – Covid-19 Update

“Q is for quiet…Quiet is found in the forest and the forest is found in quiet.”

Forest Alphabet

The Children’s Forest Trust are taking a pause from our usual monthly walks & activities in accordance with the Covid directives from our provincial health authorities. We will not be offering our Nature Study Day on December 6, and we will keep you posted on the annual family Christmas Bird count into the Children’s Forest & Carrington Lagoon and other future activities.

Winter is a potent time of the year in the forest and all around as life is quietly collecting its energy for the great stirrings in spring. It is a special time for contemplative forest walks or exuberant wind-filled jaunts. The pine siskins are chattering and swooping through the treetops; the occasional Pacific tree frog is valiantly calling from its hiding place; the moss and forest greenery is alight from within.

We are most fortunate to live amongst the stunning beauty of forest and sea at any time, but especially in these pandemic times. The Children’s Forest Trust encourages all (within your safe bubble), young & old, families & individuals to embrace the natural beauty we live in, and get outside – look, smell, touch, taste, and feel!

“Ribbit, frog croaks

In a happy kind of voice

It’s going to rain”


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