Spring In The Forest – Scavenger Hunt

The first Sunday of each month is traditionally our Nature Study Day walk into the Children’s Forest. Well, it is graduation time for families, so head out into the forest for a Spring Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, April 5, or another date that works for you.

What do you see, hear, smell, feel? Open your owl eyes & deer ears; turn on your wolf nose & racoon fingers; and most important, wake up your curiosity & wonder!!

Have each child bring a notebook & pencil for drawing or recording; adults can participate, too!

How many signs of spring can you find in the woods or forest?

Here’s a start. Find:

  • Something green & pink
  • Signs of nesting
  • Something magical
  • Signs an animal is getting ready for spring
  • The smallest and the largest tree cone you can find.
  • Something that lives in the soil.
  • A flower or leaf bud.
  • 3 more findings of your choice

Please remember NOT TO PICK LIVING PLANTS – make a drawing instead, and collect other items that are resting on the forest floor.

As a follow-up to the spring scavenger hunt, your child(ren) are invited to share their discoveries & drawings with other children in a Zoom chat group. However, families should feel free to share their discoveries within their family unit if they prefer not to participate in the zoom call.

Looking for signs of spring!

Looking for signs of spring!

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